Train the brain. Be smart and do it playing

Train the brain. The brain needs to be trained.

What can it help us to do it? What can it keep it fit? The answer are Brain games. These can help you train it and have fun. The age of your brain is just a number.

What are brain games? Are exercises aimed at stimulating your cognitive functions. The brain games tend to boost memory, reasoning skills, attention, etc. It is not about doing heavy exercises, but playing while training the brain. If you have fun, this will make it a normal practice. Brain games are for kids and adults.

The brain has the capacity to perform many functions (attention, logical reasoning ability, mathematical reasoning, memory, observation capacity …) and it is necessary to train them so as not to lose them over the years. There are many types of games and there are for all tastes and ages (from children to adults). They are also very easy to get by:

Brain Game Books

As this book: Brain Games 1: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day.

Brain Game Websites

As online games of mathematical calculation and from memory.

Blub Love Brain games

Blub Love Brain games

Mobile games to download: train the brain with free app

The smartphones accompany us to all sides and it can be a good strategy to download applications in the mobile stores for it.

Within the mobile applications available on Android and iOS, there are many that help you to train your mind. Among them, many games and among them … is FIND IT TAP THE DIFFERENT.

It is not the typical game of looking for differences, but you have images and only one is different. You have many different packs and images. Some more complicated to solve than others. It is also very simple to use, is free and has no limits.



You will train your mind and, above all, your capacity for attention and observation.

You just have to look at the details and choose the different image. Play and train your brain! It´s Free!