Time to play: train the brain with games

Train the brain with games

It is important to play every day. It does not matter if you are an adult because it is necessary that you do it. Online games and apps are always at your fingertips and there are many free. The games of finding the differences are for kids and adults and all of us have played every time. In addition these types of games helps you to train the brain. You have to try to train the mind every day and i´m helping you.

Today I bring you pictures to spot the difference. Can you find all? Find 6 differences in 6 different pictures. Each picture have one difference (Solutions are in the bottom).

LET´S BEGING! Play now:

Have you found all? Do you like these types of games? If you like them, you have 100 % free game on Play Store and App Store the game FIND IT TAP THE DIFFERENT. With FIND IT you can get more mental agility and have fun playing.

Here are the solutions:

What do you think? Easy? I hope so. If you liked it, you can post a comment and share it for that your friends can also play.