The story of Parkour Jump

In this section i am going to talk about the game Parkour Jump and how it is made.


In April 2016 under the name of Parkube, Parkour Jump was released only on Google Play for Android phones. It was the first game i published and because of that i feel very proud. The next video was the official trailer and you can see how was the game.

The first version had a black button to jump instead of the transparent one. In addition there was only 40 levels and the player (cube) it wasn´t very cute. Rather it was very minimalist and simple game but with good mechanichs. It looked quite good but it didn´t have the desired acceptation on Android. Because of that I decided to remake the game.

Geometry Cube Parkour Strategy

Finally, March 2018 was an important date. First i made a lot of changes in the previus game like graphics, new images, new animations, optimizations and a better gameplay. Second i released the new version called Geometry Cube Parkour Strategy for Android devices on Google Play but also for iOS devices on the App Store with the name of Parkour Jump. In the end i changed the name on Google Play to Parkour Jump with that both games were called the same name.

Both Parkour and Parkour Jump are made with Unity 3D. I thought it is a powerful tool to develop mobile games and now i am thinking the same. It was the first time using Unity 3D but with the documentation and some tutorials it was easy develop the game. Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Be careful if you are looking for the easiest game of the world this is not the case. If you need help there are gameplays of the levels.

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