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Visual Riddle with answer: Santa Claus has lost a gift

Christmas will be soon and to celebrate we bring you a visual riddle with answer: Santa Claus has lost a gift.

What is a riddle?

Riddles are mental games that challenge the mind. They develop the capacity for observation, reasoning and enjoy us .

To solve a riddle, the most important thing is to concentrate, read the approach and pay close attention to the pictures we give you to solve it.

How to play? What is your mission?

Read the approach and look carefully at the pictures below. Everything you need to solve it is in the pictures. (You can access all the pictures by clicking on one of them).

Your mission is to find out which present Santa Claus has lost.

Remember that at the end of the post you will find the answer to this visual riddle.


Santa Claus was so calm in his sleigh ready to deliver the gifts, but he lost one of the gifts in one move. He realised too late and when he went back to look for the present, someone had prepared a paper with a riddle for him to solve.

He can’t get the wrong present, because if he does, a child may be left without a present or may not receive what he has asked for. Can you help him find the right gift?

Do you already know which gift is the right one? You will find the answer and the explanation at the end of the post.

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At the end of the card there are 3 icons that you have to look for in the advent calendar. All you have to do is look at the colours in each box of the correct icon: pink, blue and yellow. Those will be the colours of the gift.

Then, you should look at the top of the card where it says: “From: AZ-ET-KV“, and look for it in the chart of pictures with letters.

After finding the pictures that match the letters, look for the 3 correct pictures on the gift that match the colours of the calendar: pink, blue and yellow.

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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