Visual brain teaser ‘Find the picture that fits’ Part 2

A new visual brain teaser for adults is coming to GM Games Blog: “Find the picture that fits“.

This is part 2 of the visual brain teaser we published a few months ago.

How to play?

You have 8 pictures in which a piece has disappeared and one of the 4 cuts below is the one that fits.

Keep in mind that the pieces may be rotated to make this brain teaser a little more difficult.

As always, you will find the answer at the end of the post.


(To zoom the pictures click on them)

Have you found all the pictures that fit? We’re sure you did.

You can continue playing part 1 of this game or other games on our blog, or download any of our games for Android devices for free.

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  • Picture 1- Option 1
  • Picture 2- Option 1
  • Picture 3- Option 3
  • Picture 4- Option 3
  • Picture 5- Option 2
  • Picture 6- Option 2
  • Picture 7 – Option 4
  • Picture 8 – Option 1
Answers visual brain teasers

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from an user on the Pixabay website.

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