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Christmas brain teasers with answers

The Christmas season has arrived and from the GM Games team we wish you a Merry Christmas! What better than to celebrate it with a game of finding the one that is NOT repeated with Christmas drawings? How to play…

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Halloween Game: Spot the Differences

There are only a few days left until Halloween and that’s why we’ve prepared a special little game where you’ll have to spot the differences. Halloween is a celebration with some old traditions and others more modern. Whether it’s going…

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Spot the differences with answers: 3 cities

Next we bring you a new game where you will have to look for and spot the differences in some cities. Your mission is to find the 9 differences that there are in all. Easy, isn’t it? You can play…

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Find the icon without repeat (game with answers)

We love games to spot the differences, but this time it’s time to play a few games to find the objects / icons that don’t repeat. How to play? You have 4 images to play and in each one you…

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