table of spain la liga matchday

Table of Spanish La Liga and Soccer game: summary

Taking advantage of the beginning of 2019 and since there have been changes in the web and the blog of GM Games. Next, we will show you a summary of each table of Spanish La Liga since the release of the soccer game: Football Rush Mobile League.

Each publication has the table of Spanish La Liga and the classification of Football Rush.

Table of Positions: summary

The game began right in matchday 4, when in the Spanish league, Real Madrid and Barcelona were in first positions with more points and consolidating as leaders.

In matchday 8 we saw how Seville was leading ahead of Barcelona.

Valencia was the leader in Rush football, followed by Real Madrid.

table of Spain la liga game matchday

In matchday 9, Barcelona became the leader and Real Madrid surpassed Valencia in the game. Just a week later, in La Liga Santander, Real Madrid passed the bad streak of the season and was positioned in ninth position. But instead, in soccer Rush, had the best fans and they kept them in the highest position of the board.

In matchday 17, disputed between the end of 2018 and January 3, 2019. The last game played was Real Madrid and Villareal. In which both teams scored 2 goals.

table of spain la liga matchday

Which is and how to play football Rush Mobile League

You can play Football Rush Mobile League for free on all your Android and iOS devices.

In this free soccer game you will be able to show that team of the First Division has better fans and take it to the highest positions of the table. Play for your team in this fun and entertaining game.

If you like the competition and also show that your team is the best in the league’s first division, do not hesitate to download it.

Each week of matches, a new publication of the league leaderboard and football Rush. Don’t miss them.

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