Spot the difference KIDS edition

Spot the difference Fish

Today we bring you the game “spot the difference” for kids. You will have to find the differences between two images of adorable animals.

How to play Spot the Difference?

Playing is very simple. You should only find 3 differences between the two images that are similar, but not the same! Below you will find the 3 images for fun: the shark, the little fish and the crocodile.

Have a nice time with your child and play too. Between the two of you will surely find the 9 differences in total (3 in each image).

If you need it, under the article you will find the solutions to the games.


Find 3 differences in the picture of the crocodile

Spot the difference Crocodile

Little fish: spot the 3 differences

Spot the difference Fish

Spot 3 differences in this happy shark

Spot the difference Shark

Did you find them all? We’re sure you did!


Solutions to the game find the differences

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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