Spot the differences game for kids: at sea

Spot the differences games are puzzles where you have to find something in the images that make them different.

The classic game, which we have all played once, is spot differences between two pictures. But also, we can find many games online to find differences of different types and even to find objects, find images where only one is the different, etc.


like this kind of games, entertains them and at the same time they have fun, they train their minds. Stimulating learning, and their attention and observation capabilities.

These games can be shared with family. Since this type of puzzles or puzzles have fun and train the mind to both, children and adults. And it can be a very nice time to spend time together.

As we really like these games, I share these 4 images to spot the difference. This game is for children but they can play even not so children.

Let’s play at sea !

Can you spot the different starfish?

Find the differencs game. At sea.

Now it’s your turn to the crab 

Find the differencs game. At sea.

There is only one shark that is not equal to his mates, can you find it? 

Find the differencs game. At sea.

And finally, look for the squid that is different.

Find the differencs game. At sea.

Solutions below

Games solution

Games answers spot differences

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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