Spot the differences between two pictures: A dream

spot the differences between two pictures

Happy New Year 2021! To start this year we bring you one of the games that you like the most from our website: spot the differences between two pictures. Spot 7 differences in these pictures taken from a dream, because although we have had a bad time in which to live, dreaming makes us see life differently.

How to play?

The left and right pictures look the same, but they are not. You must spot 7 differences in the 3 pictures below (21 in total).

If you need to see the answers, as always, you will find them at the end of the post.


spot the differences between two pictures
spot 7 differences

Have you found the 7 differences in all of them? Have you found them difficult? You can leave us your comments.

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The illustrations have been obtained from a Pixabay user.

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