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spot the differences puzzle
PUZZLE GAMES Spot the differences

Spot the difference: game with answers

Then you have the game “spot the difference” to have a good time and also train your mind.

How to play?

In each image you must find the only different one. Only one of the squares is different. Look good and you will find the solution to the different games.

You will find them sorted from minor to greatest difficulty. Under the article you will find the solutions.

Come on, play! Spot the differences!

First: can you see from these 4 what is it?

spot the differerence

Second: it seems the same… but it isn’t

spot the differences puzzle

Third: let’s go for 6 and only one is different

spot the differences game

Fourth: will you be in the same place as the third?

spot the difference puzzles

Fifth: the hardest

spot the differences game

Sixth: jumble of arrows

spot the difference game

Seventh: It’s not easy to find it

spot the difference puzzles

Octave: this is the last

spot the difference puzzle

Have you found them all?


spot differences. Answers game
spot differences. Answers game

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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