spanish la liga table

Spain soccer table and Football Rush game

We bring you the Spain soccer table and Football Rush game in the matchday 21.

spanish la liga table

Barcelona continues to lead both tables.

Spain soccer table

In the Spanish La Liga, the first 6 positions have not changed and are still led by the same teams.

The changes come from the seventh position where Betis has been ousted by Valencia. This raises 2 positions thanks to the 3 points obtained in the match against Villareal in which were 3 to 0.

5 goals received Levante in the match against Sevilla. These were very successful and took the 3 points without receiving any goal against him. Throughout the day only a tie has happened to the Real society against Huesca where both teams scored no goal. Espanyol and Real Madrid were 2 – 4, so the 3 points were for Real Madrid.

Rayo escapes from the downhill positions thanks to the goal they scored in the match against Alaves. This position of descent is now occupied by Celta in this position along with Villareal and Huesca.

Table of positions Football Rush

In the game Football Rush Mobile League have not happened major changes. Barcelona is becoming more and more separated from Real Madrid and 4000 points of difference.

What is? How to play Football Rush Mobile League?

You can play Football Rush Mobile League for free on all your Android and iOS devices.

In this free soccer game you will be able to show that team of the First Division has better fans and take it to the highest positions of the table. Play for your team in this fun and entertaining game.

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Each week of matches, a new publication of the league leaderboard and football Rush. Don’t miss them.

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