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PUZZLE GAMES Riddles with answers

Short riddles with answers

These short riddles that we bring you today are sure to be a little challenge for you.

What is a riddle? How to play?

In this case, riddles are a “dubious” phrase that needs to be solved with an answer. The answer is usually easier than you think or can think at first.

That’s why we recommend you to read the 3 riddles that we propose carefully several times.

We would like to point out that these riddles were not of our own making, but we liked them and thought they might be a little challenge for all of you.

If you don’t manage to solve them, don’t worry! At the end you’ll find the 3 riddles with the 3 correct answers.

Let’s go for the riddles

riddles with answers

Can you find the answer to all three riddles? we’re sure that you’ve been able.

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The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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