Riddles with answers: watches

riddle brain teasers

New section on the blog: riddles with answers. This time we bring you riddles of the watches. Will you be able to know where the hands of the watch are at the end?

What kind of games are you going to find?

Here you will find all kinds of riddles: mathematical puzzles, logic puzzles, difficult and easy riddles… a varied for you to have fun. Riddles help to improve reasoning and mental agility.

We should all train the mind daily and the best we have at our disposal to do it are the logic games.

Let’s play!

Watches riddle game

How to play?

We’re going to show you 3 spheres of a clock. Each one has down arrows that move the hands according to the color. Your mission is to know where they are at the end of all indications.

Remember that they are riddles with answers, so below all the post, you will find.

Watch 1: What time do the hands dial?

riddle brain teasers

Watch 2: In the end, what time do you mark?

riddle brain teasers

Watch 3: Even more complicated. Keep in mind the seconds as well.

riddle brain teasers

Do you think you’ve given the solution to everyone? I’m sure you do. Check it at the end of the article.

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