Riddles and answers: The pyramid mystery

Riddle in english

It’s time to play while you train your mind with this riddle with solution. A pyramid, a mystery and your cunning to solve it.

What’s a riddle?

Riddles are mind games that challenge the brain. They develop the capacity for observation, reasoning, they enjoy us and… we love them!

To solve a riddle the most important thing is to concentrate and read very well the approach, and in this case, pay close attention to the images we give you to solve it.

How to play? What’s your mission?

Your mission will be to get the code to access the secret pyramid. Pay attention to everything we tell you before you start solving the mystery.

The answer is under the post. When you need it you can access it, but we are sure that you will not need it.


You have come to the desert to carry out an archaeological expedition, but in front of you there is a completely closed pyramid. You have just been informed that there is gold inside and it will be for the first to solve the mystery.

Only two papyri with some written messages have been found, and in the entrance there is a numerical round lock that goes from 0 to 7.

A person comes up to you and tells you that he knows that the code you need has 6 digits and believes that the environment of the pyramid and the papyrus on the left has the message-code.

Did you get it? Sure you did!

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The figure of the woman has egyptian crosses held by both hands. In the one on the right, one of them has an arrow pointing to the fourth star beginning to count from the right. If you go now to the image of the pyramid you will find that under it, and in line, there are 4 palms.

If you go back to the woman’s papyrus below you will find the message (code).

On the right papyrus you have the drawings with hidden numbers that correspond to the drawing on the left. In the drawing of the rounded rectangle with a circle inside you find a 3 on its side, in the beetle you find a 0 and in the eye a 7.

If you replace all the drawings of the left papyrus with the numbers, at the end you get the following 6-digit code: 377040.


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