riddle with answer

Today you can enjoy a riddle with answer. Logic will help you escape from space.

What is a riddle?

Riddles are brain games that allow us to train and stimulate our brain’s cognitive abilities while we have fun solving them.

In order to solve a riddle correctly, the most important thing is to concentrate, read the question very well and look at the pictures or read texts.

How to play? What is your mission?

Your goal is to get the two passwords to establish communication. Pay attention to everything we tell you before you start solving the riddle.

You will find two inputs to enter the passwords. Pressing the (Check) button will indicate whether it is correct or incorrect. If it is incorrect press the (Retake Quiz) button and try again.

As it is a riddle with answer, you will find the solution at the end of the post.


Your mission was to arrive on the moon, but something has happened on the way and you don’t remember anything. You try to communicate with the earth, but the communication system does not work. You look around and find a screen to establish communication. You have to enter two passwords (PAS1 and PAS2).

You discover that to get PAS2, you need to enter PAS1 correctly. Both passwords are numeric. You look all around you to get the first password. You can only try to fix it and get through, otherwise you may never come back.

riddle with answer
logic riddles for adults


Password (PAS1)

Brain teaser riddle


Password (PAS2)

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The password PAS1 is: 410. The operation to obtain 410 is as follows: [(255+105)+(205-155)]. Each picture has a letter drawn with stars. Each letter has associated stripes and by looking at the graph with the rockets you get the value of the drawing.

The password PAS2 is: 8636. When solving PAS1 an picture is shown to solve this password. Each space shuttle has one, two or three propulsion systems on. In each image of the shuttles there are stars that you must count and replace in the drawing of the propulsion systems according to whether it is one, two or three. In the propulsion system in which there are 3 on, 8 stars are counted, in the one with two there are 6 stars and in the one with one, there are only 3 stars.

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.


  1. hi, by chance, I entered your page and tried your games riddles with answers; they are really original and nice. Unfortunately, the one on the space does not load me the new image after I put in the first password. I also tried from different browsers and waited a long time, but it doesn’t load anything.

    1. Hello, thank you very much for reporting the bug. We have fixed it.
      If you still do not see the image please let us know.
      Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for playing.

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