New Escape Room game: Zero Time

zero time escape room

After many months of development, our new Escape Room game: Zero Time is now available on Play Store. A escape game, adventure, riddles, investigation and mystery in a city.

zero time escape room

Zero Time Story

A new job brings you to this quiet city, but something happens when you arrive: A small flash stops time and paralyses the whole city except you. What has happened? Why has time stopped? Who is behind it all? Ahead of you lies a city full of logic riddles and puzzles.

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Discover it and enjoy playing

Zero Time is a first person escape game. Think logically, explore, discover the whole city, find out the next closed door you need to open… Is the next riddle to be found in a restaurant, a house, a laundry, a store, …? And the next hidden object you need to continue? Escape the city with your logical reasoning by solving unique riddles and logic puzzles is now your mission.

Try Demo version for free and then decide if you want to continue playing and solving puzzles. Available in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. You will always have a walkthrough to help you if you need it.

game android download

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