The Mayan Pyramid: Riddle in English with Answer

Riddle with answer

It’s been a while since we challenged you to a riddle in english with answer. Today we do it by bringing you a visual and mathematical riddle: Mayan Pyramid. It can be a difficult riddle at first, but we are sure you can solve it.

What’s a riddle?

Riddles are mental games that allow us to train and stimulate the cognitive abilities (perception, observation, attention, memory, reasoning…) of our brain. At the same time, they amuse and entertain us.

To solve a riddle correctly, the most important thing is to concentrate, read very well and look at the images that usually accompany them. Everything is important!

How to play? What’s your mission?

Your mission will be to get the code to get out of the Mayan pyramid. Pay attention to everything we tell you before starting to solve the mystery.

As it is a riddle in english with answer, but we don’t want to reveal anything to you, you will find the answer at the end of the post. We are sure that you will not need to look at it and that you alone will get out of this Mayan pyramid.


What seemed like a quiet excursion to visit this Mayan pyramid has become a challenge for you and your mates. All of you have to escape from it.

You are locked up and only the Mayan writings located on the walls are at your disposal. Also on the closed door through which you have to go out there are more writings and a mechanism with an arrow that rotates on itself.

From the outside you have been shouted that to get out you need to turn this mechanism 5 times in the correct order and that the animals are the first ones you should look at. Will you be able to obtain at the end the 5 numerical digits that will help you to escape from there?

(You can make the image bigger by clicking on it)

Riddle in english with answer
Riddle in english with answer

Did you find it difficult? Did you manage to escape? We are sure that you have escaped and you have continued with your excursion.


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The solution is 13168. In the image below you can see how the escape code was obtained. First, we do the mathematical riddle, obtaining the number 10. Secondly, we look for that quantity (10) of fishes on the drawings located below. We find an illustration below the correct circle. Finally, we look for that illustration and the 5 icons that we are in the following image.

This is how we solve this riddle and get the numbers that will let us escape from the Mayan pyramid.

Answer riddle

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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