Killer Escape – Clues and Answers

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If you are looking for the solution of Killer Escape… We want to help you so you can save the person!

(Below you can find a new clue for “Notes-Mail”)

Two months ago we launched the game only in Spanish and since April it is available in English.
Many Spanish speakers have asked us for help via Social Networks and email, and that’s why we want to continue helping all of you who are looking for the solution or more clues.

We like to help you personally, and we know that you can solve it on your own with some more clue that we give you. That’s why we ask that if you are looking for the solution or the clues, don’t hesitate to ask us about social networks or email. We are delighted to help you!

For those of you who play Escape Rooms; we are like your Game Masters ? ?

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CLUE for Mail

escape game

We know that at this point in the game many have asked us for help. The first thing is to NOT look at the shopping list, and the second is the clue:

“You only have to look at the word PASSWORD. If in the word Password” the “S” is in fourth place…So you get the 3 letters you need to solve it”

If you don’t understand this clue, look for us in the social networks and we will help you or we will give you the solution.

We also want to ask you a favor, if you liked it or you think someone might be interested, value the game and share it with your friends. You will help us a lot with the diffusion of the game and thus reach more people. Thank you very much for playing!