Killer Escape 3 – Escape Game

killer escape 3

The third game in the Killer Escape saga is now available.

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Killer Escape 3 is an escape game based on an Escape Room. Like all our games, it has taken us a lot of time and dedication. We hope you like it as much or more than the other two games.

Haven’t played Killer Escape 1 and/or 2 yet? Here are the links to the Play Store:

Escape Room Game


You’re going to get in your hands the killer’s phone and one of the people on it is going to die. Your mission is to warn that person. It won’t be easy. You’ll find many riddles and puzzles until you reach the end and are able to warn him. Unlock all the applications and investigate the phone.

This game is a challenge for those of us who like escape games and Escape Rooms! It is available in English and Spanish. You can download it here now:

game android download

We hope you enjoy it as we have enjoyed developing it.

You already know that if you need help, you can contact us through the social networks: FacebookInstagram and by email:


The game is completely free until the end, that is, the game is completely playable from start to finish without watching a single video and without buying it.

Only to get the clues you will have to watch a video ad (as in Killer Escape 1 and 2).

You also have the option to buy the game . Once purchased you have all the clues without seeing a single ad. Also, the solutions are included.

For very few money (besides having the clues and solutions) you will help us a lot to continue creating this type of games.

Also, remember that we will be happy to help you when you get stuck in the game or don’t understand a clue.

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