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Halloween trick or treat
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Halloween Game: Spot the Differences

There are only a few days left until Halloween and that’s why we’ve prepared a special little game where you’ll have to spot the differences.

Halloween is a celebration with some old traditions and others more modern. Whether it’s going from house to house asking for treats with the phrase “Trick or treat”, carving a pumpkin, dressing up, watching a scary movie… we all celebrate in one way or another this October 31st.

That’s why at GM Games we’ve made a special little game for Halloween 2019.

How to play our special Halloween game?

It’s very easy. You only have to find 7 differences in the 3 images below (21 differences in total).

They look the same, but they’re not!

Remember, we always show you the answers to the games, so you will find them at the end of the post.

(To see the images better, click on them to make them bigger)

Game: Find the Differences

Bats and ghosts! Spot the 7 differences:

Happy Halloween!: A haunted house with 7 differences:

game party halloween 2019

A haunted house with 7 differences:

halloween differences game

Did you find all the differences? We’re sure you do.

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