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spot the differences puzzle
PUZZLE GAMES Spot the differences

Game – Spot the difference with answers: social networking games

Spot the difference usually like children and adults. This type of games are included in the group of puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and “Brain trainer”. In addition to entertaining, they help train the mind. With them we can exercise attention and observation.

Let’s play

You have 7 images to spot the difference (images can be found in our Instagram posts). But keep in mind that this game is special because you should not look for 7 differences as the classic game. Just search and find the only different one in each image.

I dare you to get it without time limit. Below you will be able to see the answer if you need them.

Difference game: Frogs

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: kittens

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: cats

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: ice cream and coffee

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: Halloween

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: sales

spot the differences puzzle

Difference game: puppies

spot the difference puzzle

Do you like this type of puzzle? You can find for your phone and tablet Find it Tap the different and Differences in pictures easy. The two games are free download. Find It is a game for adults with more difficult differences and Difference in pictures is a childish difference game, easier and thinking for children.

To test them, just follow the link to the application that interests you and download the games on your platform.

Even so, if you like these games and play online. Every week we will upload to this blog games for you to have fun. You can find games to spot the difference with answers and many more games.

 Find out about each publication and join our social networks. In them you will also be able to play every week.

Game answers

spot the differences answers

Have you found them all?

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