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Finding games

Find the icon without repeat (game with answers)

We love games to spot the differences, but this time it’s time to play a few games to find the objects / icons that don’t repeat.

How to play?

You have 4 images to play and in each one you have to find the only icon that doesn’t repeat.

Let’s play!

Will you be able to find the icon that does not repeat in each image? You will find the answers at the end of the post.

First: padlock

Finding games

Second: heart

Finding games

Third: padlock 2

Finding games

Fourth: arrow

Finding games

Have you found all the icons that don’t repeat?

Do you want to keep playing?

Play our games online now: you can play spot the differences, riddle games and hidden objects games.

Do you like puzzle games, riddles and enigmas?

If you like these types of games, you have available on Android Killer Escape, Killer Games and Find the difference.


The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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