Find the differences between two pictures: food

find the difference game

Let’s play! Find the differences between two pictures. There are 7 differences in each picture.

How to play?

It’s easy, between the picture above and below there are 7 differences. The two images together look the same but you will find 7 differences that make them not identical.
Will you find all?

You can share it and challenge your friends and family to play. Also you can write a comment in this article and show that you have been able to find them. Be the fastest of all in giving with the solution.

Find the differences: pizza

find the difference game

Find the differences: picnic

find the differences game

Find the differences: chicken 

find the difference game

Have you found the differences in all the images?

I’m sure you do. But just in case, under the whole article you have the solutions.


The differences in first image:

  • “Ca” by Candy
  • In one of the squares drawn missing the “x”
  • The burger has no lettuce
  • One more ice appears in the soda
  • The green can has the label painted
  • A tomato has disappeared
  • He had drawn a more scribble
spot the differences game

The differences in second image:

  • The dollar symbol does not appear
  • Blue and red glasses have painted all the blue crystal
  • The ketchup pot has the shade on the right
  • The question mark is painted
  • Someone has eaten a popcorn (or popcorn, corn goats, pop corn, corn roses,…)
  • The arrow line does not appear
  • Hands no longer contain streaks
find the differences between two pictures

The differences in third image:

  • A wild broccoli is more
  • The mustard top is missing
  • No scribble appears in the left corner
  • The ketchup drops are painted in red
  • The chicken thigh has more points
  • There’s drawn one more triangle on the bottom of the picture
  • Soda has 3 drops
find the differences game

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