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Escape game: Killer games

New escape game based on an Escape Room. Will you be able to save her? It’s free and available on Android!

This is neither a classic escape game

nor a classic riddles and puzzles game. We’ve all played escape games and we know what they’re about. They are fun mind games with which to spend time in which you have to escape the room, the house, escape the prison … there are all kinds.

But when you open a game and the first thing you see on the screen is a video with a message for you: “Finding my phone is the worst thing that could happen to you…”, you wonder if you’ve downloaded the right game, and yes it is.

Don’t be surprised when you see a phone on your screen. What you have in your hands is a unique phone. The killer has prepared it for you to find a game in each App, but keep in mind that he won’t make it easy for you. All applications are blocked with a riddle.

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Your mission

is to help a girl to escape from the room where she is kidnapped through that strange phone. Each game you solve will bring you closer to saving the girl.

We don’t want to tell you much more and we want you to try it and tell us what you think, and whether or not you managed to save her. Don’t let the criminal get to her!

Her life depends on you!


  • Based on games to escape the room – Escape Room.
  • Many games (known as minigames) in one game: math puzzles, number puzzle, word puzzles, memory games, logic games, mazes and more.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
  • Fun brain games to think: train your mind.
  • All kinds of riddles and puzzles.
  • Horror game: small atmosphere of terror (without scares).
  • If you need them, you have help, clues and solutions.

You can also try and play: KILLER ESCAPE

In this escape game, you’ll have to investigate the killer’s phone. In this you will find puzzles, riddles and enigmas that you will have to solve to unlock the applications that will lead you to solve the mystery: Who is going to kill? Your mission will be to call and warn his next victim.  Available on Android.

Escape room game

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