Escape Game – Killer Escape

Game based on an Escape Room

We have recently published a new escape game in English: Killer Escape. It’s free and it’s available on Android. We want to tell you what these games consist of and where you can find them.

What’s escape room or Escape Game?

Escape games consist of solving riddles and puzzles to solve a mystery or escape from a place where you are trapped. You must use all your ingenuity and skills.

These last few years, these games have increased in app stores, in board games and on the street (Escape room or portable games). The latter consists of a group of friends or a couple of escapists being trapped in a room or in several areas and must discover the clues to get out in 60 minutes or more. You have them of all kinds and all possible themes. You even have Escape Room VR (Virtual Reality).

The idea of these games is to start exploring and looking for clues to get out or solve a mystery. If you are a beginner in these games, you can start with the low difficulty ones until you get to escape in a high difficulty one. If you dare to play in a room and search in Google for one, each company indicates the difficulty.

If you want to find out and play an escape game in the “Escape Room“, you can search: “Escape Room Review“, “Escape Room opinions” or by the city you want to search: “Escape Room in Orlando“, “Escape Room in London“, or “Escape room near me“… wherever you are, you will surely find one nearby.

Escape Rooms in App Stores

To search app stores, it’s very simple. You can find them in all Stores: Play Store, App Store, Amazon Appstore, Samsung Apps,… If you type “Escape Room” or “Escape Game”, you can easily find them.

These games aim to escape the prison, escape from the room…even from the Titanic.

Escape game: Killer Escape

We have just published in English KILLER ESCAPE – Escape game. It’s based on an Escape Room and free.

Available for Android phones and tablets.

This game is not the typical prison or room escape game. In Killer Escape you will have to investigate the killer’s phone. It’s free and you’ll find puzzles, riddles and enigmas that you’ll have to solve. First you have to unlock your phone and then unlock all the applications that will lead you to solve the mystery: Who is he going to kill?

Your mission will be to call and warn his next victim. But to find out, you’ll first have to follow the clues it gives you in order to call the right victim. It’s a mental challenge!

Here you have the promotional video in case you want to see a little more about the game.

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