Christmas brain teasers with answers

christmas game spot difference

The Christmas season has arrived and from the GM Games team we wish you a Merry Christmas! What better than to celebrate it with a game of finding the one that is NOT repeated with Christmas drawings?

How to play our special Christmas game?

Christmas has come to GM Games and has become a chaos of Christmas drawings, but playing is very simple. In the 3 pictures you have below you must find the Christmas icon that doesn’t repeat itself. Will you be able to find the three that are different and it doesn’t repeat themselves? Sure you will!

Remember, you will find the answers at the end of the post.

Christmas Special Game

Santa Claus, cookies, gifts… Which will be the one that doesn’t repeat itself?

christmas game spot difference

These Christmas icons are chaos!

christmas game spot difference

Let’s go for the last one.

christmas game brain teasers


The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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