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New Escape Room game: Zero Time

After many months of development, our new Escape Room game: Zero Time is now available on Play Store. A escape game, adventure, riddles, investigation and mystery in a city. Zero Time Story A new job brings you to this quiet…

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Killer Escape 3 – Escape Game

The third game in the Killer Escape saga is now available. Killer Escape 3 is an escape game based on an Escape Room. Like all our games, it has taken us a lot of time and dedication. We hope you…

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Killer Escape 2: Escape Game

You have now available Killer Escape 2 on Android. Finally, after a few months, Killer Escape 2 comes to light. It took us hours and sweat, but we’re very proud to have taken it in only a few months. KILLER…

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Killer Escape – Clues and Answers

If you are looking for the solution of Killer Escape… We want to help you so you can save the person! (Below you can find a new clue for “Notes-Mail”) Two months ago we launched the game only in Spanish…

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Escape Game – Killer Escape

We have recently published a new escape game in English: Killer Escape. It’s free and it’s available on Android. We want to tell you what these games consist of and where you can find them. What’s escape room or Escape…

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Escape game: Killer games

New escape game based on an Escape Room. Will you be able to save her? It’s free and available on Android! This is neither a classic escape game nor a classic riddles and puzzles game. We’ve all played escape games…

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