Brain training – Pictures and shadows (with answers)

Brain training exercises with pictures

We love mind games and brain training. Today we’ve brought you a game to work on visual discrimination, where you’ll have to pay close attention to every part of the shadows.

How to play this brain training?

You have 5 pictures with known buildings from Europe and USA in which you will have to find out which of the shadows below are the ones that fit with the image above. Only one shadow fits the image.

Underneath the article you will find the answers if you need them. Let’s play and train those brains!

Let’s play!

We started with the correct shadow of the Statue of Liberty, we go to Holland, a tour of the Tower of Pisa, Russia, and finally, Seattle.

Brain training exercises with pictures
Brain training exercises with mills
Brain training Tower of Pisa
Brain training exercises with pictures
Brain training Seattle

Surely no shadow has resisted you!

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The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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