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Brain teaser: The market’s riddle

Today we bring you and challenge you to this brain teaser, specifically, a riddle with answer: The market’s riddle

What’s a riddle?

Riddles are brain teasers allow us to train and stimulate the cognitive abilities (perception, observation, attention, memory, reasoning…) of our brain. At the same time, they amuse and entertain us.

To solve a riddle correctly, the most important thing is to concentrate, read very well and look at the images that usually accompany them. Everything is important!

How to play? What should you do?

You must get the final code by reading the story and looking at the pictures.

As we said, it’s a riddle with answer, so at the end of the post you have the solution. We’re sure you won’t need it and you’ll just solve this market’s riddle. Good luck in this brain teaser!


You’re in a market and you’ve come to a stall where they sell old things. The seller has just challenged you:

“If you get the code to this cash register through this paper I’ll give you everything inside. It’s easy, everything you need is all around you and is in this market. Do you accept this challenge?”

You have doubts and even you think it is empty, but since you love challenges, you decide to do it. Already with the paper in hand, you begin to solve it:

(Slide or click on the arrows in the image to navigate through the riddle)

  • riddle-brain-teaser
  • riddle 1
  • riddle 2

Do you know the code yet? I’m sure I do! If you’ve had any problems, you’ve got the solution underneath.

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In the first box of the code, we get an 8 when we perform the mathematical operation (There are 6 stars, 3 glasses down and 1 up). In the second square, the correct spoon is B, since in the drinking stall the woman has this spoon in that position. If we then go to the bags in the other stall we get that the B is number 6. Finally, the last two squares (72), we obtain them by looking at the letters associated with the earrings drawn and we perform the mathematical operation.


The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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