Brain game – Office Theft Riddle

Riddle game

We come back with a new brain game. We bring you a riddle with answer to train the mind: Office theft riddle

What’s a riddle?

Riddles are mind games that challenge the brain. They develop the capacity for observation, reasoning, they enjoy us, train the brain and… we love them!

To solve a riddle the most important thing is to concentrate and read very well the approach, and in this case, pay close attention to the images we give you to solve it.

How to play? What’s your mission?

Your mission will be to get the code to access the company’s secret data. Pay attention to everything we tell you before starting to solve the mystery. The answer is at the bottom of the post.


You’re a thief who needs a company’s most secret data. The only option to obtain them is to enter the central computer, but for that you have to obtain the password of the computer.

Looking around you can only see two more tables. You know that you can find out the password by looking around you; and thanks to your cunning, also you have found out that it only has 5 numeric digits.

What password will give you access to all the company’s secret data? Let’s go for this brain game!

Riddle game
Riddle games with answer
Riddle games with answer

Did you like this brain game? Did you get the access password and stole all the data?

Do you like this kind of games?

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The solution is 95630. To get this code you have to look at the three frames hung in the second image.

  • You get the 9 by counting the pink books on the shelf in the third image.
  • You get 5 by counting the green books in the third image.
  • Finally, you get the digits 630 with both computer screens. Multiplying X2 the 3 yellow images of the computer of the third image, you get the number 6, and multiplying X6 the 5 blue images of the same previous computer. With this you get the missing number: 30.

The illustrations we used and we have been modified have been obtained from Pixabay.

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