Geometry Cube – Parkour Strategy on Google Play

Check out Geometry Cube Parkour Strategy on Google Play.

Help Parkube in this adventure. He is a cube specialist in parkour and thanks to his geometry figure you can make amazing movements to reach the goal.

Geometry Cube Parkour Strategy is a classic platform game modernized in 2D. Each level will challenge you. Think strategy and be faster. You have to get the cube to the goal to reach higher and discover new platforms , blocks and obstacles. Use agility and parkour movements to overcome obstacles. Slide and jump with a simple “Tap” on the screen.

No time limit, but be careful, because you can fall to infinity. Improve your skills and get lead the world ranking and also unlock new achievements.

Geometry Cube Parkour Strategy key features include:
– 60 levels that will be a great challenge
– Colorful geometric graphics
– Adventure and strategy in each new level
– Crazy moves to reach the goal
– No time limit

Do not trust yourself. Nothing is what it seems.


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